… knowledge puffs up while love builds up. – 1 Cor 8:1 NIV

We live in a world of opinions; the media, twittersphere, and the local café to name a few! There is lots of ‘information’ and lots of ‘knowledge’, but this can merely ‘puff up’, or make one arrogant. It carries no responsibility. Love on the other hand, builds up. True Lovers are builders.

God’s hero’s throughout history have always wanted to build and re-build. Think Joash (2 Kings 12) and Josiah (2 Kings 22) as examples of Kings who built and restored God’s temple. But Zerubbabel is a particular hero of mine. In the book of Haggai, the Lord sparks the enthusiasm of Zerubbabel (Haggai 1:14) and he pursued the work to re-build the temple in Jerusalem.

This took place in an era when the people were comfortable, more concerned with their own house than God’s. Yet they never really lived in abundance, for they put God’s house second. Through Haggai’s prophecy, Zerubbabel opened the windows of God’s blessing over God’s people by seeking first, God’s house and his kingdom.

The bottom line for us? Seek first God’s kingdom! Build His house, and He will build yours. It’s an exciting step of faith that will open the window of blessing in your world.