LifeBuild – Go

For thousands of years, God’s people have been building places of worship. Places to meet, places to gather, places to worship and bring their friends to meet Jesus.

And now it’s our turn. We live in a unique place and time in history, where the need for a vibrant, life giving, church has never been greater. Now it’s time for us to go! To rise and build in the heart of our city, a place where people are drawn into worship Jesus. It’s time to go and build a place of real encounter and beauty, an accessible, open sanctuary, a hub, right in the heart of our community, a contemporary space that’s loaded with creativity and history.

Our life build theme last year was seek, this year it is ‘go’!  We are getting ready “to Begin, to commence the Build, to go” Now is the time to rise and build!

These are like the times in Haggai (2:4) where all of God’s people took courage and worked on building His house. For us, this month is LifeBuild month, an exciting opportunity given to us all, regardless of age, gender, wealth or ethnic  background. It is not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice, as we fulfill our pledges to God from last year and recommit to practically supplying financial resources for the building of His house in our city. And as we give and go, watch how He fills His house with glory!  (Hag 2:7)

May God’s favour be on you as you give to the building of His House. J&R


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