Beyond | The Mission of May

A core part of our mission at C3 Bathurst is to bring life to other communities. For us, this means being a blessing to our city, reaching the global poor and lost and building other churches – in our city, our own movement and beyond! This outward looking, generous focus has always been a key for our church. Now it is time to take this to the next level through time, effort, prayer, intent and financial resources. We see our church rising further, beyond where it has ever been before in this area. To this end, the mission of May is all about ‘Beyond’. You will hear about our strategic planning and giving, meet some great ministry partners and receive more information on how you can get involved.

Week 1: Church communities | Building other churches
Week 2: Global community | The global poor & lost
Week 3: Bathurst community | Blessing our city
Week 4: Guest Speakers – Ps Rohan & Jill Bell, C3 Camden / Wollondilly

Join us in May! #beyond #themissionofmay #next2019

See you in Church!

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