A Fresh Start

Imagine the chance to start again! Imagine a fresh go at something, a chance at another shot. Perhaps another go at your faith, a fresh take on church, or some things in your personal world that needs a fresh start. Good news. This is possible! All during July, as C3 Bathurst celebrates a brand new season, you will learn how to have a fresh start in life with Jesus at the Helm. Join us online, or in person, live and local at C3 Bathurst! 


  1. 5th | The Chance to Start Again
  2. 12th | A Fresh Start in Church
  3. 19th | Changing the Impossible Me
  4. 26th | A Fresh Start Wrap-up
July is going to be one fresh start you will remember!  #afreshstart #july #life #wearec3

See you in Church!