C3 Church Bathurst

Founded in 2007, C3 Bathurst is a vibrant, growing church in the heart of the city. While our church services are fun and positive, we know that you will experience God’s presence through engaging worship, life related preaching and a loving community.

We are passionate about the Church! As a member of C3 Church Global, we are aligned to a faith – filled network of over 400 churches worldwide. We also enjoy spending time with and building up other churches in the Bathurst area.

We meet at 9:30am every Sunday at our Ministry Centre, 217 Howick St. We also run prayer and worship services once a month on Sunday evening and have a network of connect groups that meet in homes throughout the city. Through our partnership with Compassion, we are actively involved with caring for others beyond our city through child sponsorship and community development initiatives.

C3 Church Bathurst exists to bring life to people, through knowing Jesus.

To know Jesus, is to know that we are:


by the creator of the universe: This means that we are unique, known, valued, chosen, accepted, forgiven and safe. Therefore we forgive, care, honour, live, follow, give and celebrate.


in His family, the church: This means that we are welcomed, invited, connected, team, embraced, family and home. Therefore we commit, invite, welcome, connect, champion, involve and accept.


 to be who we were created to be: This means that we are alive, healed, whole, renewed, set apart, victorious and released. Therefore we breathe, heal, dream, conquer, speak, surrender and praise.


for service according to His gifts and calling: This means that we are confident, passionate, committed, gifted, generous, courageous and empowered. Therefore we pray, serve, encourage, release, go, flourish and lead.