Safe Church Helpline

1800 070 511

(9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

The Safe Church Helpline is available to all staff, volunteers and attendees of churches and other ministries related to C3 Churches throughout Australia.
If you have any questions or concerns related to a matter of safety we recommend in the first instance that you speak with a leader or pastor at our church.
However if you’d prefer, you’re very welcome to contact the Helpline directly.

Safe Ministry
At C3 we’re committed to creating safe environments

C3 Australia partners with Safe Ministry Resources to enable the provision of
safe and secure environments for all people who are involved with our church
and all its related ministries and activities.
We aim to stay up to date with current best practice and legislative requirements.
Our commitment to Safe Ministry is particularly woven into the following areas:

1. Good governance practices

    • Policies & Procedures
    • Codes of conduct
    • Insurances

2. Protection for children and vulnerable people

    • Application, Referee check, WWCC clearance and
      Safe Church Training for all volunteers
    • Access to Safe Church Helpline
    • Ongoing training for staff and volunteers